Messer assumes majority share in Asco Carbon Dioxide
Effective 31 May 2007, industrial gas specialist Messer will assume a majority share in the Swiss company Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd. Outgoing Asco CEO Thomas Trachsel will retain a 49 percent share in the company, which is an international provider of carbon dioxide and related technologies. Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd. was founded in 1975.
The takeover marks the merger of two medium-sized and owner-operated enterprises, each with a long tradition to look back upon. Stefan Messer, CEO of Messer Group, stresses that "We are expanding our product portfolio to include a full spectrum of CO2 technologies, above all in the areas of dry ice production and applications." A key component here is the systems and machines business, which is focused on the production of and applications involving CO2. Asco boasts a substantial share of the world market in this field. The company is the technological leader in dry ice blasting systems, among the applications of which is the cleaning of industrial systems.
Asco will continue operating as an independent company under its own logo. The company's Romanshorn site in Switzerland, however, will become a center of expertise for CO2 for the all Messer subsidiaries.
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