Part of the Messer World

In February 2005, the gas operations of the Messer Group merged with the MEC Group to form the “Messer World”:

Castolin Eutectic specializes in wear protection, repairs and fusion technologies.


Messer Cutting Systems offers an entire range of thermal cutting solutions and specializes in autogenous welding as well as gas supply systems.


SpectronGas Control Systems is a specialist in gas supply systems.


BIT Analytical Instruments is a specialized contract producer of precision medical instruments.


Messer is the largest owner-run industrial gas company in the world.


Asco Carbon Dioxide is a provider of individual and complete CO2 solutions.


MMHCH regards itself as a service provider which looks after patients in the home environment.


Besides Messer Group (the industrial gases business), there are another two Messer World members who have set up subsidiaries in China. They are Castolin and Messer Cutting System. For further information about our sister companies in China, please click here.