Social Responsibility

We believe that a good business is more than commercial investments and profit making. As a multinational industrial gases company, we see ourselves as part of the broader community. Our aim is: where we operate, we would work together with the government, partners and people from the community, understand the needs and htmlirations of the community and be constructively involved in meeting these needs and htmlirations.

In 2010, Messer donated RMB 380,000 to set up a cafeteria building for the Ethnic Primary School in Deqin County of Yunnan Province. (For further information, please click here)
In 2009, Messer donated RMB 170,000 to Minjiang Primary School for the set-up of a school library in Dujiangyan. (For further information, please click here)
In 2008, Messer donated 1.2million RMB to quake victims in Sichuan Province, and has been actively involved in the post-disaster reconstruction by donating desks and chairs with the values of 165,000 RMB. Besides, Messer donated 700,000 RMB to build "Messer Charity Teaching Building" for Xiaoba Village Primary School in Ya'an, Sichuan Province. (For further information, please click here)
In 2007, Messer China donated five motor-bicycles to Children's Welfare Institute of Zhangjiagang City in Jiangsu Province to help its five slightly disabled children who are in high school to shuttle between the school and the Institute everyday.
In 2006, Messer China set up "Messer Yunnan Hope School" in a disadvantaged area of Yunnan province. (For further information, please click here)
In 2005, Messer China donated to Tsunami hit countries. (For further information, please click here)
In 2002, Messer China donated to Shanghai Roots & Shoots Organization which is a global environmental and humanitarian program for youth set up by Jane Goodall Institute.
In 1998, Messer China donated to flood victims in the Yangtze River area.




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