Messer Griesheim (China) Investment Co., Ltd. becomes the Asia-Pacific Headquarters of Messer

   Approved by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Messer Grieshheim Investment (China) Co., Ltd. (MCI in short) was officially upgraded from Headquarters in China to "Asian-Pacific Headquarters" of the worlds largest family-run industrial gases specialist Messer Group.

   Established in November 2008, MCI is set up as an investment and management platform by Messer in Chinaand soon after its establishment, it has obtained the status of Multi-national Regional Headquarters issued by Shanghai municipal government. So far it has had nearly 30 subsidiaries in China.

   In order to further cooperate with the development strategy of Messer in Asia Pacific region, with the authorization of Messer Group GmbH, MCI has become the "Asia Pacific Headquarters" of Messer. In addition to the China business, it has taken up the role of financial management, financing and technical support for Messers subsidiaries in Asia Pacific.

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