Messer: Always doing the right thing

   On 13 September 2019, Messer, the worlds largest family-run industrial gases specialist held its annual Safety Day across all of its sites. The focus of this years event was on labours protection discipline, because many accidents happen as a result of habitual or casual behaviour. Messer has been raising employee awareness of health, safety, environmental protection and quality assurance within the framework of an annual health and safety day since 2013. But no matter whether the topic in question is safe driving, safe handling of gases or something else: the priority for Messer is the individual and his or her health. We want everyone to return home to their families in good health at the end of each day, stresses Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH. Each of us ought to always remember that there are risks of accidents. Whether its in the office or during gas filling operations. It is important always to have your wits about you and to have a disciplined approach to work.

   The Safety Day takes place in addition to Messers annual safety briefings.
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