Messer Furthers Growth in Southern China
   (08/01/2014, Shanghai) Messer, the largest owner-managed industrial gas specialist worldwide, announced today it plans to invest 60 million Yuan to build a new gas plant at Sanshui Industrial Park, Foshan, Guangdong Province. The new plant, covering an area of 20 Mu, will be equipped with state-of-the-art R&D capabilities for the development of specialty gas products, particularly light and calibration gases. In addition to gas products, the facility will focus its efforts in the development of gas application technologies for China’s burgeoning industries. These include oxygen combustion and water treatment technologies for the environmental sector, advanced welding technologies for the high-end manufacturing and automotive sectors, and gas preservation technologies for the food and beverage sector, further improving people’s quality of life.
   "Innovation has been an important cornerstone for the development of Messer in the past century. We would like to, by means of innovation, provide customers with gas products and technologies with cost efficiency, higher quality and better service so as to meet the needs of high-growth markets in Southern China, "said Werner Hickel, the CEO of Messer China."We are happy to expand our growth in Foshan area to further participate in the progress of upgrading with transition of the local economy.”
   Sanshui plant will be Messer’s third gas plant in Foshan and is scheduled to begin operations in the first half of 2015. By this time Messer’s total investment in Foshan will arrive at US $70 million.
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