Messer and Hangyang jointly built a Kr/Xe recovery plant
On December 7, 2011, the Germany-based industrial gases specialist Messer announced that a recovery plant for krypton(Kr) and xenon(Xe) was successfully commissioned at one of its subsidiaries in China – Hunan Xianggang Messer.
The history of Messer's technology in the building of Kr/Xe recovery plant dates back to 1980s, when Messer independently developed its first Kr/Xe plant in Germany. The huge success of investment in China since 1995 gave Messer the idea to introduce the technology into China. In early 2008, Messer China and Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd formally entered into a cooperation agreement to set up a Kr/Xe recovery plant at Hunan Xianggang Messer. According to the agreement, the project will involve Messer's technology and process and Hangyang's strong manufacturing capability.
It is a world-class plant with high safety performance. The designed processing capacity is 24 tons of liquid oxygen per day, and it can produce 2.4 normal cubic meters of gas mixtures per day. The components of gas mixtures include 90% krypton and 10% xenon.
"The successful commissioning of this recovery plant not only extends Messer's product portfolio in China and enhances the market image of Hunan Xianggang Messer in Southern China, but also shows Messer's long-term commitment to continuously introduce European advanced technologies into China. Meanwhile, it further strengthens Messer's relationship with our Chinese strategic partner Hangyang," Said Dr. Werner Hickel, chief operation officer of Messer China.
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