New liquid ASU of SiMG
Sichuan Messer(SiMG in short) plans to build a new liquid air separation unit(ASU in short) with a capacity of 528 tons per day in Chengdu High-tech Development Zone. The project will kick off at the end of the year and is expected to complete by the end of 2012.
For SiMG, 2011 is a year of rapid development. The sales revenue has increased significantly upon winning of more than a dozen new customers. This ensures SiMG a sustainable development meanwhile gives SiMG a chance to expand its production capacity.  
Currently SiMG operates one ASU in the High-Tech Zone that is supplying gases via pipeline to the customers in the zone such as Intel as well as bulk liquid to the customers in surrounding areas. When the new ASU is on stream, it will not only improve the reliability of the gas supply by SiMG to the customers but also bring SiMG more resources to develop the broader merchant market.
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