Trade press article:
Quick Freezing

Gently freezing with cryogenic gases


Mixer cooling – fast and efficient

The perfect cold chain around the clock

The Siber System - cryogenic transport cooling with dry ice snow

Unlimited versatility

Cryogen-Rapid®-Cabinet Freezer

Unrivalled compactness

Cryogen-Rapid®-Spiral Freezer

Continuous efficiency

Cryogen-Rapid®-Tunnel Freezer

CO2 Improves Growth Rates in Greenhouses

- Faster growth
- Better quality
- ...

Cryogenic freezing - With Quality and Speed

- High quality frozen goods
- Minimal water losses
- ...

Food gases at a glance

All of Messer's pure gases and gas mixtures used in the food industry are named Gourmet.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

- Extended shelf life
- Appetizing appearance
- Increased flexibility of packing and distribution