Fast. Strong. Black.

Blackrapid – hardens and coats iron alloys in one operation

More efficient carburisation

Hydrocarb – reducing the surface oxidation depth during tempering and case hardening of steels

Strong duo

Neutrotherm and Hydrotherm inert gas mixtures – perfect oxidation protection for all types of alloys

Protection with added value

Endolin gas mixtures – for the highest metallurgical standards, even on tight budgets

Attractive alternative

Variocarb-direct – efficient and decarburisation-free steel hardening while saving costs

Unbeatable effectiveness

Variocarb-therm – the most efficient protection against steel oxidation

Steel-hardened advantages

Vario-Nitro-Carb Plus – for optimal surface treatment

Trade Press Article:
Oxidation Protection for Metals and Alloys

The best protective and reaction gas for every application

Trade press article:
Optimised Heat Treatment in Steel Processing

More than good: harden and temper!