After hydrogen, helium is the second most common element in the universe. However, the earth's atmosphere contains almost no helium. For this reason, all the helium we need is presently obtained from sources of natural gas containing helium. Large deposits of helium in the USA, Northern Africa and Russia cover worldwide demand.

Messer has long term delivery agreements with the following sources:

  • With a capacity of approximately 27 million m3, the largest inpidual production site worldwide is located on the premises of a mineral oil producer in North America.
  • Since 1992, helium has been procurable from the largest producer of natural gas, situated in Russia.
  • To ensure prompt delivery to customers in Europe, Messer also procures helium from Algeria.

A reliable supply tailored to meet the requirements of inpidual customers is one of the success-generating elements offered by Messer's customer service. To meet the demand for refrigerant and enable transport over long distances, helium is transported as a cryogenic liquid in very special vacuum insulated containers. For customers with a high demand for liquid helium for cooling purposes, Messer offers a system for returning and re-liquefying "used" helium.