Shielding gases

Gas shielding arc welding by means of its variants TIG, plasma MIG and MAG plays an important role in arc welding technology. Shielding gases greatly influence the economy and quality of welding seams produced.

Whereas on the introduction of gas shielding arc welding only a few single gases were commonly used - for example, pure argon for WIG and MIG welding, and pure carbon dioxide for MAG welding - gas blends dominate this area today.

A wide range of such standardized gas mixtures has become available, because oxygen, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen can now be used as mixture components in addition to argon and CO2. The various shielding gases are classified in the European standard designated "Shielding Gases for Arc-Welding and Cutting". Messer's advisory service welding & cutting provides expertise and performs demonstrations on-location.