Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an important intermediate product in the chemical industry.

There are two main techniques for producing carbon monoxide:

  • Exothermic conversion of media containing carbon using oxygen, i.e. partial oxidation (POx).
  • Catalytic conversion of light hydrocarbons with steam, i.e. steam reforming (SR) or - in the simplest case - steam-methane reforming (SMR).

Carbon monoxide is used in different degrees of purity in a large number of processes. In standard quality, it is used to manufacture phosgene and acetic acid. In extremely pure form, it is used as a component of test and calibration gases, and for manufacturing synthetic diamonds.

Messer offers carbon monoxide in standard quality for technical use in cylinders or cylinder bundles. Modern trailers also allow a transportation of large quantities for different processes in the chemical industry.