Nitrogen makes up roughly 78% of the volume of the air we breathe. At standard temperature, nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It is non-toxic and chemically inert - i.e. exhibits a very low reactivity - at low temperatures. Nitrogen is non-flammable and capable of suppressing combustion processes. Furthermore, it has an htmlhyxiating effect, as it displaces the oxygen required for breathing. Under atmospheric pressure, nitrogen liquefies at -196℃.

Nitrogen's properties require an observance of special safety guidelines (issued by industrial-gas associations like IGV, EIGA, CGA) during the handling of this gas.

Nitrogen has numerous applications in the industrial and research sectors. In most of these applications, it is used either physically (as a refrigerant) or chemically (as an inert gas), i.e. it is returned unchanged to the atmosphere after usage.