The success story of Xu Yuan

"Since I joined Messer China in 2001, I have been benefiting from Messer's employee development plan. Messer China attaches great importance to the career development of its employees through providing continuous technical and professional training and opportunities for career advancement. In this way, the potential of Messer employees are brought into full play. During the dozen years of Messer's development in China, a lot of its employees have had the chance to grow from junior positions to managerial positions or senior technical positions and thus have become the backbone of the company."

Said Xu Yuan when talking about his experience of being promoted from a local operational company to the corporate office of Messer China. Xu Yuan joined the Messer family in early 2001. With over 10 years of working experience, he had the chance of furthering his career within Messer China, which enabled him to develop from an applications staff of one of Messer China's local operational company to Applications Manager of the Messer China corporate office.

"As a beneficiary of Messer China's internal recruitment and promotion system, several years after joining Yunnan Messer, I succeeded in my application for the corporate office job and was transferred to the Messer China corporate office to assume the position of Applications Engineer. I was then sent to the German Headquarters for further applications training. My work with the corporate office enables me to have the opportunity to be more deeply involved with the other Messer JVs and WOFEs. I am able to have extensive exchange of experience and close cooperation with the sales and technical workforce of the various Messer China operational companies in our concerted efforts of winning the customers. My experience in working with Messer is filled with the warmth and caring of a family."