The success story of Gary Li

"Messer values young talents. Not every employer is willing to take in inexperienced staff and spend the money and time to train them up. In Messer you will see some of the younger staff starting from internship even before their graduation. Messer provides them with tailor-made training both on the job and off the job."

"I am very lucky with my professional career. Right out of the university, I joined Messer China as a technical trainee and this opportunity turned to gold. I have been involved in several big projects in the first 4 years under the coaching and guidance of experienced technical staff in the company. From my mentors I have learned a great deal of practical knowledge, with which I was able to manage a project of building an air separation plant independently in the 5th year of my stay in Messer. The project was completed successfully and I was sent to the new plant to participate in the management of the plant in 2007. In the meantime, I completed CEIBS' DIMP (Diploma in Management Program) which was sponsored by Messer. With all the experience and learning provided by Messer, I am ever more confident and motivated to develop with Messer further. As of June 2008, I am seconded to Messer Germany for two years to work on Messer's European projects. I believe that this opportunity will take my career within Messer to a higher level."

-Gary Li in talking about the benefit of Messer China's new graduate development program. Gary Li has been working with Messer China since 2000 right after his graduation from Xi'an Jiaotong University. His initial position in Messer China was technical trainee of the Technical Department. He is now back in Messer China after two years of project management experience in Europe. Right after coming back from Europe, Gary was assigned to Wujiang Messer Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. to be VGM. He was promoted to the General Manager position of the same company a year later due to his excellent performance.