Focus on People

Messer China is "Employee Oriented". We have a diverse and dedicated workforce. Our people development plan provides all the possible tools and opportunities to realize the potential of individual employees to grow together with the company. This is demonstrated through Messer China's internship program and recruitment policy, the internal promotion mechanism and the dual career path system.

Messer China companies maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with several targeted universities. We usually select and recruit interns and new graduates from those universities. New employees fresh from university will be put through a series of training not only in the hiring company, but also in other Messer China companies and the corporate office. Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, the new hires will be prepared in a more efficient and effective way for future jobs in Messer China.

Local employees in Messer China find no limit to their progression in the organization as long as they prove themselves capable of further career development. The management of Messer China is devoted to providing opportunities and room for development to local employees. They are willing to take the risk of promoting employees with potential but may need further development. They are tolerant of mistakes due to inexperience of employees under development as long as the mistakes are not repeated. The on-going expansion of Messer China business is also continuously providing internal career opportunities and thus making the career progression of Messer China employees possible.

Messer China pursues a dual career path for local employees. We are dedicated to developing talents for both managerial and specialist positions. The dual career path is implemented in the Messer China organization as an integrated whole. That implies that employees working in the operational companies can enjoy career progression beyond their individual companies to other Messer China operational companies and the corporate office. Corporate office staff may also have the opportunities to be rotated to the operational companies or regions to take up important positions. The dynamic career development process has provided individuals working with Messer China with exposure to a wider range of skills and experience while the company benefits from the pipeline of managerial and specialist staff developed through this process to sustain its development in China.